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Web-design for a living, art for the passion.

Hi, I’m Dennis Osaj, an unshakeable optimist. I stand up in the morning for one purpose – to create. I strongly believe that everybody is a creator and this is the way how we’ll discover ourselves.

For a living I design web experiences in Berlin. I am passionate about using clear communication, enjoyable user experience, and effortless usability to create stunning digital environments. But more important is: I love to draw and illustrate! A huge step would be to get my foot in to the professional art industry.

I offer services in UI Design, Visual Marketing, Brand Identity Design and Illustration.

About Me.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist.

I love the idea of exploring the unknown and doing things most people never get to do. I’d dream about finding the hidden and telling everyone what it was like. Although I didn’t end up being an archaeologist, that passion for the unknown has stayed with me.

I love being the maverick, trying things first, and sharing my perspective with others.

Do not understand me wrong I wanted to be an archaelogist. But I always knew that I am an Artist and my profession is in the creative field.


I’m a huge believer in clear, concept-driven, and user-centric design that uses elegant, timeless aesthetics and effective, iconic communication. I love design that is subtle, comforting, and functional with a crisp and notable attention to detail.


I love illustration, and it’s a huge part of my life. I sketch and practice every day, and often post these sketches on my Instagram. I am available for illustrative work, concept art, game production artwork, and simple commissions.

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